Feel The Shine – Dermaheal HSR

Feel The Shine – Dermaheal HSR

Dermaheal HSR worked tremendously exceptional for my face wrinkles problem. I bought the products from meso.pro because they ensure the quality of the product and assign a professional who will make the treatment easy and painless for you.

After crossing my 30s, my skin started looking older. That phase of my life was terrifying. I could sense my skin losing its tightness and fine lines leading to facial wrinkles that began to appear on my skin. This was the major purpose that motivated me to use dermal filler for my skin. I have always taken care of my skin but after my first baby I couldn’t manage to take care of myself.  However, I felt, this was the high time and I should start watching out for my skin. Therefore, I researched and planned on using filler for my skin. I found Dermaheal HSR and could trust its results because many of my friends have tried it earlier and they were satisfied with the results.

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Dermaheal HSR (Hyaluronic Acid Skin Rejuvenating); a soft tissue filler injected deep down in the dermis where skin made hyaluronic acid is already present but is lost due to other reasons. In order to make up to the aspired content, external means are used to inject hyaluronic acid to get back the lost moisture and hydration into the skin, showing its lost elasticity and uptightness back.

Although, nervousness struck me when I first thought of injecting it on my skin but after having a profound study over its organic formation, I found it completely harmless. My skin is a bit more sensitive when it comes to implement chemicals over it. So I got myself checked whether I have any allergies regarding anti-inflammatory agents or antibiotics. But there were none and doctor suggested it is completely safe to use them on my face.

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However, I felt swelling and redness initially but it soon faded away leaving a perfect glossy skin free from any sort of wrinkles or fine lines that was making my skin older than its age. The experience and results with Dermaheal HSR went extremely satisfying.


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