One Solution to All Hair Problems

One Solution to All Hair Problems

A little background on how I lost my hair and how I ended up using Dermaheal HL in order to get my hair back is written down below.

I had hair down past my knees. I had extremely thick hair. When I got 13, I watched a documentary on alopecia victims. They showed children and women suffering from hair loss due to this disease. I felt so pity so I cut off 22 inches of my hair and donated it to those disease suffering infants and women, with lots of love.  Year over year, I was able to cut off another 11 inches of hair and send it as well. I was able to donate 44 inches of hair in total. At 16, I started losing a ton of hair. It was not in clumps but I felt my hair was losing badly. I noticed that my ponytail was getting thinner day by day. I was also experiencing quite a bit of hair loss in shower as well.

I had never straightened my hair, never dyed it. I barely blow dried it. I normally let it air dry. I was suggested many medicated shampoos and tried all of them but none worked on my hair. I had multiple thyroid tests and other testing done for hormones. Unfortunately nothing made a difference. I continued on with different hair treatments and tons of other things just to see what is working well for my hair and what’s not. Finally, my doctor suggested me to use dermal fillers. Thus, I did my research on it. I had many options but I chose Dermaheal HL hair loss because I found it convenient for sensitive skin.

The important fact of these dermal fillers is that they are made from hyaluronic acid which is obtained from organic sources. On application of Dermaheal HL, the skin will not suffer from intoxication of hazardous chemicals because this component is already produced in human skin. It is responsible for strengthening and elasticity of skin.

I ordered it form an online store After two weeks of surgery from a practitioner, they provided me with; I was able to see the results clearly. My hair loss stopped, not just that I felt there was no more broken and split ends. Day by day, my hair started increasing its volume and became healthier than it ever was.


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