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They say, you are what you eat. Well that’s definitely not fiction. Healthier foods help make a healthier person. However, since the rise of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and selective breeding of livestock it has been made difficult to acquire fresh and organic foods, if not impossible. That’s where Marley Spoon gutschein code comes in.

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Marley Spoon provides you with all the needed nutrients depending up on the diet, food type and consumption amount you desire. All you have to do is simply order online and Marely Spoon will send you all necessary ingredients along with a complementary recipe which will provide you with a new method to cook the meal. No ingredients will go to waste as they will send you the right quantity of ingredients.

But how does that happen, you ask. How could they possibly do all this so quickly and efficiently? Well, let’s find out.

Firstly, highly specialized chefs work day and night in their kitchens, preparing a masterpiece recipe for different edibles weekly. They use vegetables from organic farms, meat and poultry from anti-chemical farmsteads and fish from healthy raising fisheries.

Once the recipes are more than ready, they are uploaded along with images, so that the buyer may select his / her required or desired sustenance.

Once the order has been placed, Marley Spoon shall send you your requested nourishment, along with the recipe which will teach the buyer a new method for cooking the same dish more effectively. Depending upon the servings you have selected, Marley Spoon shall send you the right quantity, making sure that no food is wasted.

Concerned your organic food may rot if the delivery takes too long? No problem.  Marley Spoon’s great packaging prevents early demolition of food products. They use thick paper-based tapes as well as reusable chill packs as proper insulation devices. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and can be broken down and placed in your recycling bin. This provides the perfect and sustainable atmosphere for preserving food products.

Marley Spoon is present in a few countries world-wide such as Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, America, Australia and Austria.

Some reviews include:

“Love Marley Spoon, we rely heavily on our meals as we both work full time and don’t have time to think about what to cook. Love that there is lots of choice every week, and good healthy options.”

Cathy, Sydney

The recipes are well balanced, high quality and good portion sizes. I couldn’t spend $70 in a supermarket and eat like this!”

Courtney, Glen Iris


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